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  • Zakon o kulturnom nasledju Republike Srbije (Law on Cultural Heritage)

    The Law outlines the framework for the protection and conservation of cultural heritage within Serbia. It categorizes cultural heritage into material and immaterial assets, establishing the legal basis for their preservation, management, and accessibility. The law emphasizes the importance of identifying, documenting, and evaluating cultural heritage to ensure its protection and to foster public awareness and appreciation. It also details the roles of institutions responsible for cultural heritage and the processes for declaring and protecting cultural assets, including the involvement of public participation in the conservation efforts. This comprehensive legislation

    Zakon o kulturnim dobrima Republike Srbije (Law on Cultural Property)

    The document establishes the legal framework for the protection and utilization of cultural goods in Serbia. It defines cultural goods as objects and creations of material and spiritual culture of general interest, which enjoy special protection under this law. These goods are categorized based on their physical, artistic, cultural, and historical properties into movable and immovable cultural goods, and further classified based on their significance into cultural goods, cultural goods of great importance, and cultural goods of exceptional importance. The law outlines the processes for identifying, protecting, and managing these

    Law on Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

    The “Law on Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment” meticulously incorporates considerations for cultural-historic heritage within its framework for environmental protection and planning. It mandates the inclusion of cultural-historic heritage assessments in the strategic evaluation process for plans and programs that could influence the environment. This approach ensures that any potential impacts on cultural-historic sites are carefully evaluated, and measures are implemented to minimize negative effects. The law emphasizes a comprehensive assessment process that includes public participation, ensuring that decisions regarding development and environmental management respect and preserve Serbia’s cultural and historical

    Стратегија развоја културе Републике Србије од 2020. до 2029. године (Strategy for the Development of Culture in the Republic of Serbia from 2020 to 2029)

    The document outlines a comprehensive plan to integrate cultural heritage into the broader strategy for cultural development. It emphasizes the preservation of Serbia’s unique cultural space through productive cooperation among individual and collective cultural actors, recognizing cultural diversity as a special asset. The strategy is committed to protecting and promoting Serbian cultural heritage and creativity, both domestically and among the Serbian diaspora. It aims to encourage research and development of the Serbian cultural identity and the identities of the people of Serbia, promoting a culture of memory and awareness of

    Smernice za digitalizaciju kulturnog nasledja u Republici Srbiji (Guidelines for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage in the Republic of Serbia)

    The document outlines a comprehensive approach for the digital preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. It details procedures and best practices for creating digital versions of cultural assets, including the development of digital catalogs, the long-term preservation of digitized heritage, and ensuring broad and secure access to these digital resources. The guidelines emphasize the importance of using standardized metadata systems, selecting priority items for digitization based on their cultural significance and physical condition, and employing modern technology to facilitate the digitization process. By following these guidelines, Serbian cultural institutions aim

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