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Join the European Heritage Hub Community

The Hub has launched a Community of Practice, for all stakeholders who are already participating or working in the field of heritage, and a Community of Interest, for stakeholders not yet involved but which have an interest to follow the activities of the Hub. Members of the Hub Community will have access to a number of events throughout the year:

In addition, in February 2024 a social forum will be launched on the European Heritage Hub website, giving members of the community a virtual space to connect with their peers.

Please complete this form to sign up for the Hub Community of Practice or the Community of Interest.

For more information please contact

Support our advocacy efforts

The European Heritage Hub will closely follow new and future policies having an impact on heritage at all levels, and will engage on this basis in advocacy and agenda-setting efforts. The Hub also aims to raise awareness of cultural heritage as a vector to address environmental, digital and social challenges. Help us reach an even wider audience and make our voice heard, by engaging with the Hub on social media.

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Share your expertise and resources

Join us in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within our vibrant community. There are several ways you can contribute to the knowledge sharing activities of the Hub:

Connect with our programme development lab

The Hub seeks to establish synergies with and between relevant heritage-related projects at all levels, as well as with existing EU initiatives, through its Programme Development Lab. If you have a project you would like to connect with the Hub, please contact

Support the Hub financially

If you would like to support the Hub’s activities and further development through financial contribution, please contact

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