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Heritage, a vector for Europe’s triple transformation

The European Heritage Hub uses the concept of ‘triple transformation’ as an overarching theme for all its activities, from networking and capacity building to policy and advocacy efforts. The triple transformation framing highlights three strands of transformative change: green, digital, and social, which are all central to the Hub’s mission.
  • Green: Climate change along with biodiversity loss is a defining challenge of our time. Green transformation refers to the process of tackling these challenges. Ultimately, green transformation aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions towards zero, to achieve sustainable development, and to build resilience and enhance human capacities to adapt to climate impacts. – contributions of heritage.

  • Digital: The digital transformation refers to the process and the result of using digital technology to transform how an organisation operates and delivers value. It helps an organisation to thrive, fulfil its mission and meet the needs of its stakeholders. The digital transformation is not just about technology – it’s about mindsets and personal capabilities. It enables cultural heritage institutions to contribute to the transformation of a sector powered by digital and a Europe powered by culture.

  • Social: Europe’s society is increasingly diverse due to intra-European mobility, globalisation/glocalisation and diverse migrations. Contributions of cultural heritage to building more inclusive and cohesive societies and in turn, enhancing overall well-being and sense of belonging.
The triple transformation is at the core of many of Europe’s greatest aspirations. This includes the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus, the Just Transition Mechanism and the objectives of Europe’s Digital Decade. Engaging in, expanding, and assessing these initiatives provides a valuable common endeavour for Europe’s heritage operators and communities. The European Heritage Hub seeks to be the platform for that common endeavour, implementing one of the largest cultural heritage-driven projects across Europe to support the green, digital and social transformation of our society. Cultural heritage is more than just a sector, it acts as a vector that intersects with triple transformation in a variety of ways. The following five framings represent keys ways of understanding the intersection of cultural heritage and transformative change:
Visit the European Heritage Hub’s paper on the triple transformation to find out more.
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