Hub publishes First Review of the Policy Landscape across Europe

The Policy Team of the European Heritage Hub has published its first Policy Review, based on the findings of the Policy Monitor. Launched in early March 2024, the Policy Monitor maps out policies impacting cultural and natural heritage at all levels, aiming to analyse, observe trends, and identify gaps across the policy and regulatory environment. This first review, covering the period October 2023 to February 2024, contains a snapshot of the rich policies that have so far been found from 18 countries across the European continent at EU, national and regional level. 

Interactive map available on Policy Monitor. Dark blue indicates preliminary research for these countries has begun and information is available on the monitor

The information the Policy Team is gathering will serve to draft a series of research publications at the end of the pilot phase of the Hub. For that reason, the scope of the review intentionally takes a more observational and holistic narrative. However, with a preliminary search for information the Policy Team is already beginning to gain a great understanding of the ‘policy map’ of Europe. In particular, the Policy Team has observed a concentration of Heritage Preservation policies, while those policies relating to the Digital Transition and International Cultural Relations appear more irregularly. 

This entire project is an ongoing mapping exercise. Further research in the coming months will help further inform on these observations, which are preliminary at this stage. This first report was curated by Europa Nostra and included contributions from all Hub partners. Stay tuned for the next report, which will be curated by a different Hub partner and is expected by May/June 2024. 

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