Museus Regionais e a Nova Museologia: a Campanha Nacional de Museus Regionais no Nordeste Brasileiro entre a Arte Moderna e a Arte Contemporânea

The article discusses the influence of the New School Movement on educational practices, particularly in the context of the creation of regional museums in Brazil. It highlights the efforts to align education with societal needs and promote intellectual growth through the establishment of the National Council of Regional Museums (CNMR). The CNMR aimed to develop a network of regional museums that would serve as educational hubs, fostering a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture and history.

One of the key examples mentioned is the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo (MAM-SP), which played a significant role in institutionalising modern art in Brazil. The article also delves into the educational initiatives undertaken by museums in São Paulo, emphasising the importance of specialised knowledge and active learning approaches.

Furthermore, the article explores different perspectives on museum education, pointing out the need for community involvement and informal education opportunities. It critiques past approaches that limited community participation in museums and advocates for a more inclusive and engaging educational model.

Overall, the article sheds light on the evolving role of museums in education and cultural preservation in Brazil. It underscores the importance of museums as dynamic educational spaces that can contribute to the intellectual and cultural development of society. By examining the historical context and contemporary challenges faced by museums, the article provides valuable insights into the intersection of education, culture, and community engagement in the Brazilian context.

Heritage Preservation, Inclusion & Accessibility
Adel Igor Pausini
Regional, Museums, Modern, Art, Museology, Regional Development, Brazil
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