European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage

The European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage is a comprehensive policy document that seeks to set forward an embracing strategy for diverse cultural themes, such as heritage preservation, conservation, and promotion, across the European Union. At its core, the framework recognizes that cultural heritage is a critical resource for the future that must be protected and enhanced for the coming generations. To achieve this goal, the framework proposes a series of actions under three clusters: capitalizing on technological tools for innovation, fostering social innovation, and strengthening skills in the field of cultural heritage.

The first cluster of actions focuses on the role of technology in preserving and curating cultural heritage. It highlights the need for research and development in this area, as well as the importance of cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders. By facilitating the use of innovative technology in heritage preservation, the European Union aims to ensure that heritage resources remain relevant and accessible to all.

The second cluster of actions is centered around social innovation. It seeks to enhance the role of civil society in cultural heritage governance while also promoting experimentation and scientific research. The goal is to engage local communities and stakeholders in participatory and inclusive processes that recognize the importance of cultural heritage in fostering social cohesion and integration.

The third cluster of actions seeks to strengthen skills in the field of cultural heritage. This entails identifying and transferring relevant knowledge and skills to future generations, ensuring the long-term sustainability of Europe’s cultural heritage. The framework recognizes that heritage preservation and conservation require specialized skills, and it proposes measures to support training and capacity building across the European Union.

Overall, the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage presents a compelling vision for the role of cultural heritage in promoting sustainable development and social inclusion. By taking a holistic and integrated approach to cultural heritage, the European Union aims to ensure that heritage resources are safeguarded, promoted, and enhanced for future generations.

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