Communication and Collaboration in Museums and Heritage Sites

This comprehensive handbook, designed as a resource for professionals, addresses the critical issues surrounding communication and collaboration within the cultural heritage sector. Outlining key definitions, challenges, and opportunities, the handbook recommends fostering sustainable partnerships, digitalization, and continuous professional development in this dynamic sector.

The handbook offers an insightful and practical guide to address the key issues in the cultural heritage sector. Through the adoption of the guidelines provided, professionals and stakeholders have the opportunity to fortify the sector’s resilience, safeguard cultural heritage, and elevate the visitors’ experience, securing thus a sustainable future for the cultural heritage sector for the benefit of future generations.

This document is an output of the ReInHerit (Redefining the future of Cultural Heritage) Coordination and Support Action (CSA), in the EU Horizon 2020 Programme. ReInHeit aims to contribute to the sector’s growth and sustainability in the future by providing practical guidance for the improvement of communication and collaboration between museums, heritage sites, and the cultural tourism sector, to optimise the cultural experience of visitors and the flow of knowledge between professionals.

The manual presents examples and resources for readers to consult and analyse. Finally, a dynamic synthesis is provided in the conclusions, as well as a list of references and sources at the end of the manual in order to reinforce knowledge. This handbook addresses cultural tourism, museums and cultural heritage sites professionals, as well as non-profit and government organisations, academics and researchers, and local community representatives.

Digital Transition, Green Transition, Heritage Preservation, Inclusion & Accessibility
ReInHerit Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action (CSA), 2021-2024
Antonia Nussmüller, Catalin Betz, Eleni Markou, Jordi Tresserras, Lizeth Salazar Morales, Lorena González Ruiz, Manos Vougioukas, Marco Bertini, Nefeli Bantela, Paolo Mazzanti, Jaime López
Museums, Management of museums, Heritage Sites, Museum, Sustainable Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Communication, Collaboration, Sustainability, Digital strategies, Digital, Smart tourism
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