A Condição da Mulher nos Sectores do Cinema e Audiovisual em Portugal

This study on the Condition of Women in the Film and Audiovisual Sectors in Portugal was promoted by MUTIM – Mulheres Trabalhadoras das Imagens em Movimento, an association founded in 2022, whose mission is precisely to think about and leverage the presence of women in cinema and audiovisual in Portugal, promoting parity and equitable representation, and by XX Element Project-Associação Cultural, a cultural association founded in 2016 that seeks to be an agent of intervention in the fight to promote equity, respect and inclusion of all people, through the development of artistic projects.

In order to listen to the feelings and experiences of the women involved professionally in these sectors, the two associations created an online survey questionnaire and distributed it to workers in these fields without any gender bias. In a second phase, in-depth interviews were carried out with ten female professionals, as a way of identifying/specifying particular situations and complementing the information found in the survey.

Simultaneously, the associations analysed three grants awarded by ICA: New Talents and First Works; Support for Cinema; and Support for Audiovisual and Multimedia. They also mapped the gender of professionals holding managerial positions in public bodies that support the cinema and audiovisual sectors, as well as in the most relevant management bodies and boards of the three main audiovisual media groups in Portugal.

Inclusion & Accessibility
MUTIM – Mulheres Trabalhadoras da Imagem em Movimento, CECC – Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Cultura, XX Element Project – Associação Cultural
Gender Parity, Cinema, Labor
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